This site collects essays on atheism that I have written over the years. Multiple atheists and theists have responded to the essays leading to improvements, corrections and a list of common responses And counter responses. Most learned readers accept the main points in the essays regarding the problems with supernatural references (In fact an entire branch of theology: negative theology, already held to the position 1700 years bofore I was born.). The points regarding the problems with historical claims for Jesus are also considered non controversial in learned curcles, although most christians do assert that the gospels are in fact historical evidence.  Other essays are more controversial or touch on points of rhetoric and persuasion.

Christians must steal from secular morality

Phil Larkin - Church Going

People in Hell

A Silence that screams: No Contemporary Historical Accounts for Jesus

The 'god' referrenced in christian theism is incoherent

The Gospels are Literature, not History

Would you go on the Cross?

Supernaturalism and Immateriality are Broken Concepts

Doesn't Everyone Take Things On Faith?

Common Cosmological Misconceptions